Say Goodbye to the Heart Button: Spotify Introduces a New ‘Plus’ Sign

The news that Spotify is killing its heart button and replacing it with a “plus” sign in Spain has been met with a lot of confusion and debate. The streaming giant announced the change on their website, explaining that the heart button had been a “great way to show your appreciation for music” but that it was time to move on. The new “plus” sign will be used to indicate that a track is liked or saved for later.

The heart button has been a staple of the Spotify experience since its launch in 2008. It allowed users to quickly and easily express their appreciation for a track without having to go into the app and save it to their library. It was a simple way to show love for a song, and it quickly became a beloved feature.

However, Spotify has now decided to replace the heart button with a “plus” sign in Spain. The company claims that the new symbol will be easier to understand, as it is more universally recognized than the heart button. The new symbol will be used to indicate that a track is liked or saved for later.

The change has been met with a mixed reaction from users in Spain. Some are excited by the new symbol, as it is more recognizable and easier to understand. Others are disappointed, as they feel that the heart button was a more meaningful way to express their love for a track.

The change has also sparked debate about the implications of the new symbol. Some have pointed out that the “plus” sign is often associated with an increase in something, such as a higher price or a larger quantity. This could lead to confusion, as users may think that they are being asked to pay more for a track or save more of it.

Others have argued that the “plus” sign could be interpreted as a sign of agreement or approval, as it is often used in this way in other contexts. This could lead to users feeling that they are being asked to agree with a track, rather than simply expressing their appreciation for it.

Whatever the implications of the change, it is clear that it has sparked a lot of debate. Spotify has yet to comment on the change, but it is likely that they will monitor the reaction of users in Spain and make adjustments if necessary.

It is also important to note that the change is only being implemented in Spain, so users in other countries will still be able to use the heart button to express their appreciation for music.

Overall, the change from the heart button to the “plus” sign in Spain has been met with confusion and debate. While some users are excited by the new symbol, others are disappointed that the heart button is being replaced. It remains to be seen how the change will be received by users in Spain, and how it will affect the streaming experience.

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