This lady met Cole Sprouse at an ice cream store and sure, it was as uncomfortable as you assume

If you’ve got surfed the web earlier than You’ll know there’s one other curiosity in Cole Sprouse after he seems on the present. “Cringing” in standard podcasts name her daddy On March 7, a lady now took to TikTok to recount the second she met the previous Disney youngster star.

Musician J.Maya (@j.mayamusic), who launched the EP poetry license In 2022, Sprouse was discovered on the ice cream parlor in 2018.

“I think it’s hilarious that Cole Sprouse has been in the news lately because I feel like I have an unbelievably fresh perspective to offer about this situation,” she stated. Me and Cole Sprouse in 2018.”

Because she “hadn’t seen Cole Sprouse in years,” J.Maya stated she was “undecided if it was him,” so she did what everybody else does. She searched him on Google.

“So I took out my phone thinking it was a personal matter. But I was very wrong. And I googled the latest pictures of Cole Sprouse to see if that was really him,” she stated. “Little did I know that Cole Sprouse was behind me. And he took a picture of me on Google Googling and put it on his Instagram Story, followed by a picture of him reacting to it.”

The state of affairs, based on J.Maya, swirled from there.

“A little context for this situation about me is that at the time I was a student. And I don’t have any social media other than Facebook just for friends… and when this started to spread I don’t even know what to do. to deal with it,” she stated.

“And he looked at me like this, deadpan. And he’s like, ‘Yeah, I saw you, Google me.’”

After realizing it was him, J. Maya mustered up the braveness to ask for a photograph.

“I am very embarrassed by this situation. Because after I Googled Cole Sprouse, I turned around when I realized it was him. And I asked for a picture of him and I said, ‘I am sorry to bother you But I’m a big fan,’” she stated. “And he looked at me like this, deadpan. And he’s like, ‘Yeah, I saw you, Google me.’”

Despite being the “worst second” of her life, J.Maya says she tells herself, “No one will know what happened.” Unfortunately, she was fallacious.

“So, when I saw this start to spread I know I want to keep my identity private. because I don’t want to be like that involved in this situation,” she stated. “And this is where I made a mistake. Because I took a selfie with Cole Sprouse and posted on Facebook only my friends… and one of my ‘friends’ on Facebook whom I don’t know very well… tweeted my full name on Twitter like a viral thread about the situation. ”

“…all the time I was stressed in my heart.”

As a end result, media shops contacted J. Maya through school e-mail to allow them to know they would come with her identify in an article about her Sprouse encounter.

“I did a few interviews with the stores I contacted, but all the time I was extremely stressed out,” she says. It’s talked about in each job interview. The final time I did, as a result of if you happen to Googled my identify it will pop up.”

“Once I saw Cole Sprouse at the airport and I sat at the same charging table as him. Then he immediately got up and walked away.”

Within three days of being posted, J.Maya’s video had 1.8 million views. Riverdale star.

“It would have been more fun if you Googled Dylan Sprouse,” one consumer replied, referring to Cole’s twin brother.

“I was furious that he posted it on Instagram. A big red flag,” stated one other.

“Once I saw Cole frantically at the airport. And I sat at the same charging table as him. Then he immediately got up and walked away,” somebody replied.

J.Maya is not the primary particular person Google acknowledges celebrities earlier than approaching them in public. And she definitely will not be the final. Hopefully her future encounters with the Hollywood elite will probably be much less awkward.

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