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Tilda Swinton has points with COVID-19 protocols.

The “Problemista” actress stated throughout the 2023 SXSW keynote that she wore too many masks on movie.

“I’m going to shoot in Ireland,” Swinton says (by way of Variety), “and I’m told to wear a mask all the time. But I didn’t.”

She continued: “I’m sure this is being recorded,” whereas noting that she “Very wholesome” after being contaminated with COVID many instances Instead, Swinton targeted on “New virus in the air” about individualism on set

“There is a belief that when you make a movie or write a story, All focus will be on you as an individual. The spotlight is on you,” stated the “Eternal Daughter” star. “One thing I can confirm that I’m really the poster child is living together. You do not need to be separated from your relatives and the flock.”

Swinton added, “There is a new virus in the air about individuality. which to be honest People in our time do not have to cope. Because there is more respect and investment in collective action. But now I feel that there is pressure for great artists to cut ties. grow into a big chunk and a narcissist And that may disappoint many people.”

Swinton’s feedback on COVID got here from Woody Harrelson’s “Saturday Night Live” opening speech, which in contrast COVID vaccine firms to “The world’s largest drug cartel” conspired to “Buy all the media and all the politicians. and forced all citizens in the world confined in their own homes.”

Harrelson took intention at COVID-19 manufacturing methodology in a New York Times profile, claiming that nobody “Forced to be vaccinated” or carrying a masks for 3 years after the epidemic.

“I just like, let’s end this nonsense. It’s not fair to the staff,” stated the Champions League star. “I haven’t got to put on a masks. Why ought to they? Why do they have to be vaccinated? How does that depend upon the person? I should not discuss it. [expletive]. It makes me indignant for the crew. I’m anarchist I do not really feel that we should always have a obligatory bodily examination. pressured to put on a masks and obligatory vaccination That’s not a free nation. I’m actually speaking concerning the crew. Because I can exit by carrying a masks. I acquired much less exams I’m not in the identical place as they’re, nevertheless it’s unsuitable. It’s been three years. Stop.”

“Shawshank Redemption” star Tim Robbins agreed with Harrelson on Twitter, writing, “Woody was right. It’s time to put an end to this mystery.”

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