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道糞, which roughly interprets to “Taoist shit,” has been making waves on Twitter these days as a trending hashtag. Many could also be questioning what it means and why it is gaining such reputation.

The time period originated from a range present in China referred to as “Trump Card,” the place the host, Li Yong, humorously coined the phrase whereas discussing Taoism. From there, it began spreading all through Chinese social media platforms and finally made its method onto Twitter, the place it is taken on a lifetime of its personal.

So, what precisely does it imply? It’s tough to offer an easy reply because the time period is utilized in numerous contexts and carries completely different meanings relying on who’s utilizing it. However, generally, it is used to specific dissatisfaction or disappointment with one thing, very similar to the English phrase “that is bullshit.”

Some have criticized using the time period, arguing that it is disrespectful to Taoism and its followers. However, others argue that it is a innocent expression and merely displays the present pattern of utilizing humorous and irreverent language on social media.

Regardless of 1’s stance on the time period, it is clear that it is grow to be a preferred method for Chinese netizens to specific their emotions and frustrations on-line. As with any web pattern, it is unsure how lengthy it is going to final, however for now, we will anticipate to see the hashtag proceed to pop up on Twitter feeds around the globe.

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